Historical Timeline

The name Gunnebo comes from the village of Gunnebo in eastern Småland, a province in southern Sweden, where, in 1764, Hans Hultman opened a forge and started to produce nails and chains. This relatively limited business grew steadily until Gunnebo Bruks Nya AB was founded in 1889, which had several metalworking factories. Gunnebo Bruks Nya AB later became known as Gunnebo Industries.


Gunnebo Industries is acquired by HIDEF, a venture capital company founded by the Swedish government in 1991. HIDEF changes its name to Gunnebo AB and is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange for the first time. The new company focuses on delivering security solutions globally.


Gunnebo AB enters into an expansive decade and acquires almost 50 companies from around the world, the majority of which specialise in security solutions.


Gunnebo Industries (the engineering division of Gunnebo at the time), is split off from the rest of the organisation and listed separately on Nasdaq Stockholm.


Gunnebo AB begins the process of integrating the acquisitions made over the previous 12 years.


An overall vision, “To be the leading global provider of a safer future”, is defined for the Group. Following the establishment of a sales company in China in 2010, the Group continues to develop its market presence in growth markets through the establishment or acquisition of Gunnebo Brazil (2011), Gunnebo Malaysia (2012), Hamilton, United States (2012), Gunnebo South Korea (2013) and Sallén, Spain (2015).


Gunnebo begins the implementation of a strategy for profitable growth aimed at shifting the Group into an operating company with global processes, standardised and lean ways of working, customer focus, as well as a good profitability and cash flow.


Implementation of the profitable growth strategy continues. By year-end 2018, the measures had led to a transition to a customer-centric focus built around the product offering. As a result, the Group’s operations in France, Belgium and Luxembourg were divested during 2018. The strategy also led to new financial targets and the implementation of a new organisational structure by product offering in Business Units.


Gunnebo becomes a privately owned company after Altor Fund Manager AB and Stena Adactum AB, via indirectly owned GB HoldCo AB, complete their offer to Gunnebo shareholders via a public cash offer. As a result, Gunnebo AB is delisted from Nasdaq Stockholm; the last day of trading is December 9, 2020. During 2020, operations within Business Unit Other Business are divested, including the integrator businesses for electronic security in Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and Sweden, and the Swedish Gateway business. The divestments are part of the strategy to focus on the core business and Gunnebo’s main business areas: Entrance Control, Safe Storage and Cash Management.