Business Model

Gunnebo’s business model identifies the underlying market drivers that form the basis for creating focused strategies by Business Unit. By delivering on these strategies, value is created for the Group’s stakeholders.

Market Drivers

Market drivers provide input to the Business Unit strategies and offerings. They help clarify where value can be created and generate business opportunities. The following underlying market drivers are common denominators for all four Business Units and support continued long-term growth in the security industry:

Increased Security Awareness

The threat from terrorism has led to increased demand for security, particularly at public and commercial sites. People are also more conscious about personal safety and security, and of those close to them.


A growing proportion of the global population live in cities. Both the size and population of urban areas are increasing.

Development of Infrastructures

Urbanisation is leading to an expansion of inner-city infrastructures and greater demand for better transportation networks.

Increased Wealth and a Higher Standard of Living

Just as the global population is growing, so is the middle class, particularly in fast developing countries.

Technology-driven Growth and Connectivity

As the Internet of Things begins to create real value for customers, previously unconnected security products are becoming intelligent and providing data which can be utilised to improve business efficiencies.

Compliance with Legislation and Regulations

As new regulations come into force to tackle security issues on a national, regional and international level, sites must improve security to ensure compliance.

Strategy Execution in Business Units

Gunnebo’s strategy is to develop solutions to create a safer world. This is done by delivery of innovative products, software and services to better control the flow of valuables, cash and people.
By delivering on this strategy, value is created for the Group’s stakeholders:

  • Shareholder value
  • Satisfied customers
  • Engaged employees
  • Sustainable business

Entrance Control

Mission: Provide innovative entrance control systems designed for an intuitive user experience.

Vision: Shape the future of people flow management.

Safe Storage

Mission: To protect valuables and to provide peace of mind at home, in transit and at work.

Vision: Become the number one protector of valuables.

Cash management

Mission: As experts in the complete payment cycle, we provide cost effective and secure solutions through innovative business models.

Vision: Lead and co-develop the future customer payment cycle, offering best in class uptime and peace of mind.

Other Business

Other Business is made up of a number of local businesses. The strategy for each business is to achieve the Group’s targets for profitability and growth.

Stakeholder Value Creation