Our People

Partnership is a key word: sustainability only works through collaboration and when everyone pulls together. Our people are our greatest asset and the key to the Group’s long-term growth and success. We want to be an employer that our people are proud to work for.

Our employees make their own contributions to sustainable development, both in their daily business lives and as members of society. We are focused on:

  • Providing safe working conditions and preventing major incidents
  • Developing employees and the organisation
  • Acting positively in the local community

Our People: Health & Safety


It is our goal to provide safe working conditions for our employees or people exposed to our activities and offer healthy working environments where employees can fulfil their potential. Our main focus is to control our main risk activities through dedicated programmes to prevent any major incidents. This also helps us increase employee awareness about risk and helps our continuous work to decrease our accident rate.

Actions: What we have done

Group Health & Safety Policy

“Health & Safety comes first! It is Gunnebo’s first and most important task as a company to ensure that our employees work in a safe and healthy environment and can come back home safe. At Gunnebo, we strongly believe that health, safety and wellbeing are critical to the success of our business. What are we doing to constantly improve? We drive stringent reporting to better understand causes for any incident, and to define counteractive measures to avoid repeats and improve our way of working. We have improved knowledge sharing across the Group with quarterly newsletters and site visits, and we are training our staff. All measures are driven with a clear aim to decrease or eliminate the risks in our operations.” Stefan Syrén, President & CEO

To support its approach, the Group started implementing a new Group Health & Safety policy at the end of 2018. This applies to Gunnebo’s operations everywhere and will help protect employees, visitors, locations and surrounding communities.

Health & Safety Management Systems

We are especially committed to controlling the risks associated with hazardous processes in our manufacturing facilities by developing safety management systems. Over the years, we have progressively certified our plants’ Health and Safety Management Systems. In 2020, all of our OHSAS 18001 certified manufacturing units successfully transitioned to the new ISO 45001 standard, and our plant in China successfully obtained its ISO 45001 certificates. Our latest acquisition, COMINFO, bought in December 2019, will aim for ISO 45001 by the end of 2022.

Reporting & Communication

In order to manage accident reporting, investigation and assessment processes in a uniform way, in 2017 we introduced a Group-wide reporting system. This enables us to monitor our performance as a Group with the aim of reducing the frequency of accidents on a permanent basis. In 2018 we also implemented a new approach for dealing with incidents that have the potential to result in fatalities or serious injuries: we call them HPRI – High Potential Risk Incidents. If such an accident occurs, we do more than simply identify the causes. We also use this as an opportunity to strengthen preventive measures in all our entities to avoid – to the greatest degree possible – any potential repeat of the incident. This has greatly helped us to improve communication between all those involved to promote a more active exchange of proven preventative measures. As a result, more than 35 HPRI were identified in the Group between 2018 and 2020.

This new reporting process has enable the Group to implement a quarterly H&S newsletter and meeting where our results, the most recent serious events and the possible preventive actions are shared and discussed. Between 2018 and 2020, achieved a decreased of 68% in our total recordable injury count.

COVID-19 pandemic

During the pandemic, Gunnebo has been busy implementing measures to keep employees, suppliers and customers safe across its organisation. A crisis management team was formed at HQ to help the organisation adapt in an agile manner and issue global guidelines to combat the disease and keep employees safe. Consequently, all of our operations adopted health plans with preventive measures including the physical re-organisation of workplaces and common areas, disinfection of premises and surfaces, access control, internal information and external communication.

Looking ahead

In the coming years, the Group will continue to strengthen its approach to dealing with hazards that have the potential to result in fatalities or serious injuries by implementing Group safety standards in order to go further than regulations and control those risks. 

Our People: Development, Training and Engagement


Gunnebo is working purposefully to create a common culture, with dedicated employees who take responsibility, work together, and have an inclusive approach. An important aspect of a successful business is that the Group’s 3,600+ employees reflect the diversity of its customers and society as a whole.


More than ever during turbulent times it is important to foster a good dialogue. IMPACT is a performance management process tailored to Gunnebo’s needs. The method places emphasis on commitment and accountability around agreed individual objectives. Individual development is a two-way street – with IMPACT the Group has introduced self-assessments and more employee involvement. IMPACT is an approach to ensure each employee makes a real impact on the business. Gunnebo’s focus is to plan for its employees’ development, so that this goes hand in hand with the Group’s business goals. The aim is to give all employees the opportunity to develop to their full potential, and to know what is expected of them in the short and long term.

Structured personal development reviews are therefore conducted every year with all employees in the Group. The aim of these reviews is to set individual goals and formalise the assessment of personal progress. They are also an important tool in ensuring that all employees work towards the same goals, i.e. full implementation of the Group’s strategy. IMPACT has required training for managers and e-courses have been made available. A toolkit for managers and employees has been translated into all Gunnebo’s major languages. All employees are from 2020 covered by a tailormade IMPACT process based on their role.


Since 2018 the Group has had a cloud-based platform for all employee data called DRIVE, enabling transparency, consistency and accuracy in matching performance with individual development. The new HR system means a standard approach in all Gunnebo companies for managing performance, skills and development through better visibility and transparency. The basics of Gunnebo DRIVE is core HR in which essential personal and talent data is collected, which had previously been scattered across pay-roll systems, HR departments, line managers and so on. Each individual employee is able to access their own information at any time to check and update its accuracy. Core HR is also compliant with data protection requirements. Within DRIVE there are three main processes:

  • PERFORM in which, through the IMPACT process, employee and manager jointly agree on and measure annual targets
  • LEARN: a modern e-learning platform with course administration
  • REWARD is used for salary review and bonus

This structure has been vital in keeping an active dialogue and continuing to develop Gunnebo employees while many have been working from home in 2020.


Upskill is a new graduate trainee scheme that Gunnebo launched in 2020. The objective is to combine fresh, outside ideas with internal insight, developing trainees’ talent in the best way possible and providing new insights into our operations and Business Units. This is a one-year programme with a work assignment and a project throughout the placement. The program is tailored to trainees’ backgrounds and the competence needs of each Business Unit. Trainees will attend regular online training and social gatherings where they will acquire new skills and share experiences. Upon completion of the programme they will be offered a permanent position in the department where they will continue to work in a new position. (For more details, see the Annual Report above)

Our People: Community


Gunnebo supports the community that we operate in. Our intention is to create a sound foundation for success both today and for tomorrow. Our employees, stakeholders and customers live by our side. We can and we will support initiatives which aim to create a better future.


Gunnebo’s employees are recruited and promoted solely based on their qualifications for the job. Equal opportunities and treatment apply for all the Group’s employees irrespective of gender, marital status, ethnic or national background. Each employee shall be rewarded in a correct and fair manner in accordance with their individual performance and contribution to the success of the company.

Equality is an important element of the Group’s work with diversity. Of the Group’s employees, 17% are women and 20% of the Group’s managers are women. Gunnebo’s aim is to ensure that women and men are treated equally and provided with the same opportunities to develop. To increase the proportion of female employees and achieve a more balanced gender distribution in the long term, the Group works, for example, to promote the inclusion of female employees in the succession planning process as well as the participation of women in leadership development programmes. Since the Group’s pay structure is based on a global system, it supports the ambition of equal pay for equal work, where any differences in pay levels are driven by local conditions.


One of Gunnebo’s strategic goals is to increase insight into and harness the benefits of the Group’s diversity. For a global company, having an understanding of local market conditions, cultural and employee needs, is pivotal to developing the business successfully. Diversity is encouraged at all levels in the Group and Gunnebo strives to represent as many dimensions of diversity as possible so as to meet customer demands in a global market. This work considers gender, origin, industry background and other indicators of diversity. At year-end 2020, Gunnebo had 481 (considering all the employees who have direct reports) company managers and members of management teams, representing 34 nationalities.